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android uart problem

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by Marisol Carter » Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:05 am

I am configuring low-speed UART on my 6601 dev-board. I followed a document for configuring BLSP port on android and I reached loopback test. loopback is done and it works fine but the problem is that a lot of debugging information is transmitted throw this port(/dev/ttyHSL0).
for example by plugging USB, I get:

[ 7778.229497] init: Service 'adbd' is being killed...<CR><LF>
[ 7778.234289] Error: returning -512 value<CR><LF>
[ 7778.239197] dwc3 7600000.dwc3: ep0out: Unable to dequeue while in LPM<CR><LF>
[ 7778.252008] init: Service 'adbd' (pid 2713) killed by signal 9<CR><LF>
[ 7778.256861] init: Service 'adbd' (pid 2713) killing any children in process group<CR><LF>
[ 7778.286647] enable_store: 2 callbacks suppressed<CR><LF>
[ 7778.290601] enable_store: android_usb: already disabled<CR><LF>
[ 7778.297487] init: Starting service 'adbd'...<CR><LF>

and this message is sent frequently:
[ 7857.986489] msm_thermal:update_cpu_freq Unable to update policy for cpu:2. err:-16<CR><LF>

How can I disable transmitting this debugging information on this port.would it be solved by unmounting /sys/kernel/debug ? if it would, how can I unmount it? already tried this:

msm8996:/ # umount -f /sys/kernel/debug
umount: /sys/kernel/debug: Device or resource busy

Marisol Carter
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by ashwin » Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:51 am


It is not recommended to use the debug UART port for communication with other devices.

Please configure any of the other BLSP's as a UART.

You can refer APQ8096-Configure-BLSP-Port-Application-Note-002977-Rev document available on techweb for configuring any of the other ports to UART.

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