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BSP for Linux

by albin01 » Sun May 26, 2019 6:24 am


I was just wondering if you'd be able to provide below files to build a BSP for Linux?
A config.h file, which defines constants such as ROM_SIZE and RAM_HIGH_ADRS.
A Makefile, which defines binary versions of the Linux ROM images for programming into flash memory.
A bootrom file, which defines the boot line parameters for the board.
A target.ref file, which describes board-specific information such as switch and jumper settings, interrupt levels, and offset bias.
A Linux OS image (Prefer Ubuntu, but is flexible).
flashMem.c—the device driver for the board's flash memory
pciIomapShow.c—mapping file for the PCI bus
primeCellSio.c—TTY driver (not sure if needed or has a different name)
sysLib.c—system-dependent routines specific to this board (not sure if needed or has a different name)
romInit.s—ROM initialization module for the board; contains entry code for images that start running from ROM

Basically I'd like to perform the following operations
Initialize the processor
Initialize the bus
Initialize the interrupt controller
Initialize the clock
Initialize the RAM settings
Configure the segments
Load and run bootloader from flash
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