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Issues connecting over wifi

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by tfoote » Fri Jul 31, 2015 4:38 pm

I've been testing BSP 1.1 for the IFC6410Plus and following the instructions inserting the module manually with the MAC address set.

I had no luck getting it to associate with WPA 2 sites, and found nothing working. As such I tried it out on unsecured wireless access points and continued to have issues connecting. On the 5G access point I was able to connect some of the time. And on the 2.4G access point it rarely connected. Here is my syslog when trying to associate . I tried searching for some of the critical strings in there, but nothing seems to be telling.

I tried searching for reason 3: ... syslog-L12

Sometimes it fails and completely gives up. And sometimes it fails by never getting DHCP successfully.

I have been able to use the IFC6410 on all these networks without a problem.

Can anyone suggest a way to debug further?
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