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Android BSP's PRODUCT_COPY of *.jar

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by kbow » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:30 pm

Source File: Inforce-IFC6601-AndroidBSP-880457-Rel-v3.1/
Android CodeAurora Branch: LA.UM.6.5.r1
File in Question: vendor/qcom/proprietary/prebuilt/target/product/msm8996/

Curious as to the reasoning of the following file;
Within this file there are PRODUCT_COPY_FILES for just about every *.jar being built by the android build environment source tree.

This results in files such as "services.jar" being copied over the android build environment services.jar that was generated from 'framework/core/...' source. Since the PRODUCT_COPY occurs after source build, this results in the services.odex and services.vdex being out of sorts with the services.jar since the services.jar was copied over by the above

There may be some expectation that the *.vdex/*.odex would take precedence, but it is not clear that such is always the case.

Did I miss a step within the README.TXT as to this proprietary behavior? It is not clear to me why any *.jar would be copied over without the correlating *.dex/*.vdex files. This makes the effort to determine which files from the android sourced' are not being honored as part of a full build.

Guidance for why this PRODUCT_COPY_FILES behavior was added in this way - would be appreciated, In particular any comments about which of the *.jar files within this list are not backed by codeaurora source would be considered helpful so that any customization of said files could be properly understood.

Appreciate a response to this puzzling behavior,
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