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by MaxP » Thu Sep 05, 2019 11:21 am


I'm using the Inforce 6420 SBC and I've noticed the HDMI input colors are bleeding(?) after leaving the preview open for 10-20 minutes. This is happening using both Camera1 and Camera2 APIs. Check the attached videos. Play0002.mp4 was taken after first firing up my app. Play0003.mp4 was taken after about an hour.

I am sending camera frames to a GLSurfaceView and an encoder so my preview session never gets recreated. This method was borrowed from the Grafika-CameraCaptureActivity source code. The other method of capture I've tried is using the Camera2 api as demonstrated in google sample Camera2Video repo. This code flips back and forth between a preview session and capture session. The same issue exists here, however every time you record the issue is fixed. So if you left the preview open for 20 minutes you would see the color issue, but as soon as a recording is started the issue would "reset".

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