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Adding a new camera sensor on Linux

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by lkgoh » Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:28 pm


We are trying to add a new camera sensor to the 6601 development board on Linux. Our intention is to stream the images from the sensor and just dump the raw pixels into memory via the RDI interface. Using the OV5640 as an example, we have added our own drivers to configure and control the camera sensor via the I2C CCI interface. We have also modified the device tree settings in arch\arm64\boot\dts\qcom\apq8096-sbc.dtsi file to replace the OV5640 with our camera sensor.

We recompile the kernel with the new sensor enabled and load the new kernel image to the board. Upon start up, we can see that the camera sensor is correctly detected. Next, we configure the media pipeline to enable the links from the sensor to the RDI interface. Lastly, we try to log the data from the RDI interface using gstreamer or qv4l2. However, we do not seem to be able to get any output from the RDI interface using both gstreamer and qv4l2.

Further debugging shows that at the ISPIF and VFE modules, we observe interrupts corresponding to the SOF. These interrupts occur at a rate that is equivalent to the configured frame rate of the sensor. But there does not seem to be any interrupts indicating that the write to the buffer is done etc.

We are suspecting that some settings may not be properly configured. Is there any documents to guide us on how to add a new sensor? What are the settings that need to be modified/configured when we add a new sensor?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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