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Current status of Inforce 6601 software on Linux

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by owl » Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:56 am

Is it possible to get an update please on the current state of the 6601 software on Linux?

We are currently in limbo between the older Android-based kernel, which is both buggy and discontinued / not receiving updates, and the new Linaro-based kernel which has bugs which mean we can't release a product based on it. We're struggling to find a suitable software release that is suitable for use in production.

The state of play seems to be:

Android-based kernel
* Some SoMs hang on boot due to the tsens thermal driver
* SD cards work fine
* Discontinued / not receiving updates

Linaro-based kernel (Inforce's release from May)
* SD cards do not work at all
* No issues with tsens hangs during boot

Linaro-based kernel (Stock Linaro/DB820C release from September)
* Basic old SD cards are now working in this later version
* Class 10 SD cards do not work (but do work in the DB820C)
* Other UHS SD cards do not work at all, even in the DB820C

So SD cards do not work properly on any of the Linaro-based kernels.

Note that for the September kernel test I had to use the stock Linaro DB820C kernel because it doesn't look like Inforce are making anything later than May available, and their May patches do not apply cleanly to the latest kernel. I have asked support if there are newer patches but have not had a reply now for nearly 3 weeks.

Is there any effort to get basics like SD cards working in Inforce's new Linaro-based kernel? Failing that any assistance on the tsens boot hang in the older Android kernel would at least allow us to release some product based on the discontinued software release.

Many thanks
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by tamo2 » Tue Dec 18, 2018 4:31 pm

This patch fixed the SD card issue for us: ... og/4673/36?
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