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IFC6410 hangs on boot

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by wombat » Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:58 pm

Hi folks,
On bootup, our IFC6410 sometimes stops during lk.

The messages on the serial console are:
Code: Select all
Android Bootloader - UART_DM Initialized!!!
[0] welcome to lk

[10] platform_init()
[10] target_init()
[20] display_init(),target_id=3948.

then nothing.

The USB OTG port is connected to another machine; the ethernet cable is plugged in, and the power supply is 5V with a 30A capability (from a standard ATX power supply). At this point, the host for the USB OTG cable does not see the IFC6410 as a fastboot device.

The board does *not* have an LCD panel attached to it. My assumption is that the display_init() sequence is trying to talk to a panel that isn't there and so hanging.

I note there appears to be a bug in lk at this point:
for LINUX_MACHTYPE_8960_CDP, the panel clock function is set to msm8960_mipi_panel_clock(int enable), but when that function is called in msm_display_init() it is called without an argument.
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